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Welcome to Legacy Fresh Farms, where our mission is to bring quality, healthy, affordable, fresh foods to our local communities. 

Our controlled Environmental Ag facility in Lawton will create a selection of fresh produce year-round by utilizing efficient hydroponic farming methods.

Growing produce close to home provides local residents with optimal just-harvested nutrients, reduces transportation costs and other environmental impacts, and supports our local economy.

We look forward to serving you!

Benefits of Hydroponic Farming

Efficiency of Hydroponic Systems

Availability of Local Produce

Productivity of Controlled Environment

Food Deserts in Oklahoma

We are familiar with the food desert crisis in Oklahoma, and we are committed to providing fresh food to all, regardless of income level, race, or location.

A food desert, as defined by the USDA, is an area where people have limited access to a variety of healthy and affordable food. Studies have shown that low-income areas, areas with minority populations, and rural areas are all areas that are more likely to contain a food desert.

A Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma report confirmed that 54 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties contain food deserts, and 76 counties have areas of low access to large grocery stores. Of these 76 low-access counties, an astonishing 45 have 50% or more of their population living in areas with low access to large grocery stores.

At Legacy Fresh Farms, we plan to work closely with local governments, stores, and tribal nations to address food security and sovereignty issues in the area. We believe that ALL citizens should have access to fresh and affordable food, and we can’t wait to get started.

As part of our mission to improve food accessibility by working to eliminate food deserts in our state, we will be partnering with charitable programs to support our communities and their citizens.

Community Partnerships

Our partners have an impressive collection of industry knowledge and experience, in addition to strong Oklahoma roots. We are also grateful to our community partners who have helped us with the launch of Legacy Fresh Farms in Lawton, Oklahoma:

The Lawton Economic Development Corporation
Local Roots and Consilium Tech, LLC
The City of Lawton
The Lawton Economic Development Corporation
Local Roots and Consilium Tech, LLC
The City of Lawton

As the Lawton project continues to develop, we will be adding additional partner relationships to share how their story integrates with ours. Stay tuned!

Careers with Legacy Fresh Farms

We will post job openings for our Lawton location on our job board as they become available. 

Legacy Fresh Farms is committed to providing jobs for Veterans and has been recognized as a Veteran-preferred entity.

We look forward to working with you.

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