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About us

Legacy Fresh Farms strives to bring quality, healthy, affordable, fresh foods to all members of the community.


Everything we grow will be fresh and nutritious foods that are cost-effective to grow; helping keep costs down for the consumer.

Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved and help us distribute fresh, local foods to areas of Oklahoma and surrounding communities.

Access and Affordability
of Fresh Foods for All

Legacy Fresh Farms is a Controlled Environmental Agricultural (CEA) facility located to serve Oklahoma and other local regions. Our mission is to provide healthy, local foods accessible to all people all year.

Our produce is grown locally and will arrive in retail locations soon after being harvested. This will enable consumers to purchase fresh produce containing optimal nutrients.

Providing a Legacy for Future Generations

We are proud to join Oklahoma’s strong agriculture industry as the first Controlled Environmental Ag (CEA) facility of its kind to be built in the state.

Legacy Fresh Farms will provide fresh foods in the areas that need it most, and our CEA facility will provide jobs to local residents as they carry our legacy into the future.

Our experienced and knowledgeable founding team includes Coach Barry Switzer. In addition to his prominent role in Oklahoma football, he has an ongoing commitment to the economic development of our state. He is joined by a qualified team of professionals who are unified with a great vision.

Our Vision for the Future

Provide quality, healthy year-round foods to local and regional communities.

Build Controlled Environmental Ag facilities throughout our region and eventually throughout the United States.

Create a legacy for future generations of communities to benefit from and enjoy.

Support Local Farmers

Partnering with local farmers and operations to provide fresh produce to customers offers a variety of benefits.

Optimizes nutrients by placing produce into the hands of consumers soon after harvest.

Saves transportation costs and environmental impacts due to proximity of production.

Supports our local economy by providing a variety of quality jobs.

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