About Us

Creating a legacy of hope through food, health and collaboration.

Legacy Fresh Farms strives to bring quality, healthy, affordable, fresh foods to all members of the community. We are confident the combined business and industry experience of our team of founders will ensure the success of this venture.

Our founding team members have the skills and knowledge needed to turn an idea into a successful corporation that will change the lives of those we serve.

Revitalizing Our Communities

We believe that everyone should have affordable access to fresh foods, regardless of where they live.

We are strategically seeking communities that need what we are offering and are willing to partner and grow together. We also are forming partnerships with educational entities to help educate future farmers.

Building a Legacy for the Future

With our experienced, founding team, we look forward to growing Legacy Fresh Farms into a trusted local fresh produce operation.

The vision is for Legacy Fresh Farms to become a leader in local Controlled Environment Agriculture. Our first projects will be located in Oklahoma. We plan to expand into our region and eventually throughout the United States. Legacy Fresh Farms has plans to assist with putting up Controlled Environmental Agriculture Units throughout the USA.

In addition to providing fresh foods to everyone in the community, we will also be adding quality jobs to the marketplace in the areas where our facilities are built.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in water without soil. Plant roots are supported by net pots and receive nutrients from the water solution below. This method, when done in a controlled environment like our Controlled Environmental Agricultural facility, which can result in faster growth and higher harvest yields.

A: The health benefits from locally grown produce can be significantly higher, as they often arrive in retail locations on the same day of harvest. It also helps create jobs to support the local economy and reduces the cost and environmental impact of unnecessary transportation.

A: As our facilities open, we will have a variety of job opportunities, including growers, administration, management, plant technicians, drivers, warehouse associates, maintenance, sales, and more.

A: Controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) is a technology-based approach toward food production. The aim of CEA is to provide protection and maintain optimal growing conditions throughout the development of the crop. Production takes place within an enclosed growing structure such as a greenhouse or building. Plants are often grown using hydroponic methods in order to supply the proper amounts of water and nutrients to the root zone. CEA optimizes the use of resources such as water, energy, space, capital and labor. CEA technologies include hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaculture, and aquaponics.

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